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This report from Lezlie D. Culver, LOSS Team Coordinator, Mental Health America of Greater Tarrant County

It has almost been a year since Frank Campbell, founder of LOSS Team, came to North Texas to train over 60 people for the newly formed LOSS Team of Tarrant County!

What has transpired since January 2011:
  • LOSS Team receives information from the Arlington Police Department after a suicide occurs. LOSS Team then meets with the family and gives them resources in their area.
  • LOSS Team and the Suicide Prevention Coalition of Tarrant County had the 1st Annual "Run for Life" on September, 10th, 2011. Over 400 runners and over 100 volunteers participated! $73,000 was raised to help families who have been touched by suicide.
  • Numerous presentations to local organizations regarding the issue of suicide.
  • LOSS Team is currently doing "roll calls" to the Fort Worth Police Department's patrol units. The "roll calls" educate the police on LOSS Team and how we can help them on scene at a suicide. LOSS Team responded to the first on scene call in October of 2011.
  • The Mental Health Association has now changed its name to Mental Health America of Greater Tarrant County!
What we will do in 2012:
  • Continue our work with local police departments.
  • Attend the American Association of Suicidology National Conference in Baltimore, Maryland. Presentation of abstract titled "Starting a LOSS Team: Lessons Learned"
  • Attend the 2nd Annual LOSS Team Conference in Lincoln, Nebraska.
  • 2nd Annual "Run for Life" to be held on Saturday, September 8th, 2012.
  • LOSS Team training for new members. Refresher training for current members. Dates to be announced.
How you can help in 2012:
  • Volunteer to do "roll calls". It is fun and a great way to see how the police department works in our community.
  • Be on call for visits to families. These visits are made on scene, next day and also months or years after a loss.
  • Attend LOSS Team meetings! These meetings are held on an as needed basis.
  • Attend the Suicide Prevention Coalition meetings! SPC meets the 3rd Thursday of the month, 9:30am - 10:30am, at the Mental Health Association of Tarrant County.
  • Volunteer to help give presentations on LOSS Team.
  • Join a committee for the "Run for Life" 5K!
  • Ask yourself "what local resources do I have to help LOSS Team?"

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