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“Heal First and Help Second”
Dear Frank,

In 2001 I met you while attending an information session regarding the possible creation of a LOSS team in St. Tammany Parish. I was fresh and raw in my grief and you gently told me to heal first and help second. (great advice) In 2002 we met again when I attended the group sessions in Baton Rouge while my daughter attended the teen group. Little did I know that in addition to healing and support the group would also introduce me to my new best friend and now husband of 10 years.

I now live in Dallas and recently completed my Master's in Nursing Education. My capstone project was on the subject of attitudes of emergency nurses towards suicide. I attended a military base sponsored ASIST training as part of the learning process and felt honored to be allowed into the world of our US solidiers as they learned how to help their peers. As the mother of a deployed US soldier I was so very happy to see that our military is proactively reaching out to help our active duty soldiers and veterans.

Now that I have completed my degree I am working as a school nurse in a local high school in hopes that I can impact the lives of struggling teens.

I have connected with the Dallas Suicide Support Group and will begin crisis training in January so that I can help others as you and Patty (the intake coordinator in Baton Rouge in 2002) helped me and my family. I hope to assist in presenting educational programs and trainings within the community and hope to cross paths with you again at some time in the future.

The work on my capstone helped me understand a passion within me to help reduce the stigma and increase awareness so that more families like mine can reach a point where they can truly say that they have “survived”. I applaud you for your dedication and thank you for all that you have given my family through the systems you created.

Kind regards,
Laura Link MSN, RN -- Survivor
(December, 2013)

“A Positive Life-Changing Process”
Our local Suicide Prevention Coalition had been interested in developing a LOSS team and had decided to bring Dr. Frank Campbell to our community to educate community stakeholders as well as receive the LOSS team training.

Once I heard the words and wisdom Frank had to share, I knew instantly this was something I had to do. It became my own mission to organize and implement our LOSS team right away.

We have been responding to families and loved ones since 2008, the first team to respond in Ohio. Being a part of the LOSS team has been a positive life changing process for me, bringing a renewed passion for suicide prevention, a deeper understanding for those that die by suicide, as well as a dedication to supporting those after a suicide loss.

The exact same words Frank had shared with us have now been passed on to countless families in our community, to offer hope and healing. I would encourage every community to offer this valuable supportive response to aid in your own suicide prevention efforts. To quote Dr. Edwin Shneidman “postvention is suicide prevention for the next generation”.

Molly Smith PCC-S
Mental Health Therapist/Chairperson Suicide Prevention Coalition Logan/Champaign Counties (Ohio)
Consolidated Care Inc.

“Hope and Healing”
I took your “Hope and Healing” workshop a couple of years ago here in St. John's. In December, 1995 my oldest son Richard took his life at age 18. Your workshop helped me tremendously and helped me to be where I am at today.

I wanted to write to tell you I have started an open, ongoing suicide survivor support group here in St. John's. The first meeting is January 5, 2010 and I am already amazed at the positive feedback I have received. .. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your workshop took me a long way in this journey of healing, and today I truly have joy in my life. It is time for me to help others in that journey and bring hope to their lives.

Tina Davies (sent December 22, 2009)

“Coping with Crisis Inside and Outside the Pulpit”
A vital tool for clergy and others in the caring field. All clergy face the pain of suicide with church members and sometimes family. This workshop offers a better understanding of the issues that can lead to health and prevention as well as care for those wounded by loss.
Reverend Fred Wideman

Thanks for sharing tools I can use to help families bereaved by suicide or in crisis.”
Reverend Chris A. Roberts

Coping with Crisis should be a pre-requisite for pastoral ministry. Since clergy are the first resource for persons in crisis and since suicide issues impact all demographics of society it seems logical to prepare clergy to address these needs.
Reverend Ginny Allen

As a clergy person I now have an assessment tool I can use with all people to determine how well or poorly they are dealing with a crisis and what I can do to get them help”.
Reverend Shannon DeLaureal

This workshop was both informative and interesting. The presenters shared insights and applications from a ‘deep well’ of knowledge and experience. Thorough, rich, and helpful!
Reverend Ken Carroll, LCSW

Please note: the LOSSTeam website is not intended to provide help in a crisis. If you are feeling suicidal or need help for yourself or someone you know, please consult IASP's Suicide Prevention Resources to find a crisis center anywhere in the world. In the US, call toll-free 1-800-273-TALK (8255) for a free suicide prevention service or visit SuicidePreventionLifeline.org.

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