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Preventing Suicide for Future Generations
PreventSuicidePA LOSS Team Seminar | November 6 and 7, 2018 | Penn State DuBois, DuBois Pennsylvania

Dr. Campbell will cover Hope and Healing on Day One, and LOSS Team on Day Two. Click here to download the flyer with more details. Click here to register. Deadline for registration is November 2.

“lossTALK” is offered as a one-day (6 hours) workshop that builds individual and community capacity to help persons bereaved by suicide (Postvention). The program is a starting point for all who come into contact with suicide loss or might want to help. It instills hope that journeys through suicide loss can nourish growth. It also empowers the community to support that growth. Stories of those who have journeyed through loss and growth highlight this exploration. In some cases, that journey leads to contributions to suicide prevention. Handouts are provided to aid participants in their exploration of this topic while encouraging participants to privately assess their attitudes, knowledge and abilities. In addition participants will be encouraged to assess their community's Postvention supports for survivors of suicide.

Click here to download brochureDescription of presentation:
The program explores the needs of persons bereaved by suicide. A model that describes the goal of this bereavement process will be described. How someone navigates this model may depend on the resources in their community to provide increased hope, which in turn, supports the continuation of their journey. As every journey is somewhat unique, some who are bereaved may reach all of these goals and many will not. Participants will come to understand and accept that helping is something to which every one can contribute in some way or another. Many will travel this journey with little help—and certainly with little formal or organized help. Many need some help. Currently, too many are diverted and delayed, sometimes for the rest of their lives. While never easy, the journey would be easier for all were it not for stigma. The single most striking feature of suicide bereavement is stigma. In insidious ways, stigma causes otherwise well meaning persons to miss (I did not know), dismiss (I do not want to know) and avoid (I do not want to get involved) the suicide bereaved. lossTALK explores the reasons for missing, dismissing and avoiding, including the notions about suicide bereavement and the bereaved that fuel these behaviors. Ample time for interaction with the presenter is designed into our day together. To enhance participant learning this workshop will also be supported by video, PowerPoint and case examples.

3 Learning objectives:
  • to increase participants capacity for individual and community bereavement support while challenging stigma's hold over individuals and the community
  • to stimulate a growth perspective about suicide bereavement
  • to increase sensitivity to the needs of the suicide bereaved
Target audience (who should attend?):
This program is designed for community stakeholders, first responders, survivors of suicide, crisis center staff, clinicians, designated and informal helpers. lossTALK is an exploration featuring adult learning principles, as well as self and community audit exercises. The program creates the foundation for complementary skill development and community capacity building to help the bereavement journey. It can be viewed as a stand-alone program or in combination with other community bereavement activities, training programs and suicide intervention training programs.

Frank R. Campbell, Ph.D., LCSW, C.T., Senior Consultant for Campbell and Associates Consulting, LLC., 28426 Island Drive, Lacombe, La 70445

Audio-visual needs:
presenter will provide laptop for showing power point and video, additional needs include: a lapel microphone and sound system for speaker, projector with speakers and white board or flip chart with markers.

Length of workshop:
1-Day (6 hours of presentation) workshop.

Please note: the LOSSTeam website is not intended to provide help in a crisis. If you are feeling suicidal or need help for yourself or someone you know, please consult IASP's Suicide Prevention Resources to find a crisis center anywhere in the world. In the US, call toll-free 1-800-273-TALK (8255) for a free suicide prevention service or visit SuicidePreventionLifeline.org.

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